Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Even more special: this is the first garlic I've ever grown. So, now that I've dug it up, what do I do next? Should it be allowed to dry like an onion?

Today was a good example of why it's beneficial for me to work from home some days; I was so angry I was swearing loudly at the emails. At the office I'd have to bottle all that up and seethe.
I inadvertently revealed my blog to my parents! I've avoided that because on some topics we have wildly divergent views and I will not censor my opinions on my own blog. Of course, they may quickly become bored and stop visiting like my sister did. While this is multi-purpose, keeping friends and my brother updated and providing myself with a journal of my gardening; I mostly write as a way to give back to those bloggers in the UK who delight and fascinate.


Thomas said...

Garlic needs to be dried for about a week or so in a cool dry place or they will rot. Hang them up.

mrsnesbitt said...

Chicken Kiev, my very first experience of garlic, still my special meal! Remind me to tell you one day!