Thursday, August 6, 2009

More harvest

I wanted to make a beef stew in the slow cooker today but I was out of potatoes. Obviously, it was time to dig up one of my Yukon Golds in the garden. Aren't these beauties? I'm definitely planting more next year!

This afternoon I went to check out the local farmers market. A lot of the produce is exactly what's in my garden, but it gave me a chance to fill in where mine is less productive. At the Hutterite table I got 8 large slicing cucumbers for $1.00 and a large jar of honey for $5.00. Another farmer had leeks which I've never tried. If I like them I'll make room in the garden next, what do I do with leeks???

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mrsnesbitt said...

Leek and potato soup is awesomely easy to cook. I just steam leeks and potatoes blitz with some nice stock, season add cream if living dangerously or yoghurt! Eat with crusty bread!