Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feeling like Fall now

There's a decided nip in the air every morning. The horse chestnut tree has been dropping leaves for a couple weeks already, but that doesn't really count because it does that every late summer.

Things have eased up a bit in the garden now that the onions, garlic and potatoes are dug. If my tomatoes had produced I'd be keeping busy there, but black walnut trees put a stop to that early in the summer. Next year I'll have to put them back in the polytunnel. My late lettuce and spinach are still growing, but it's bitter and slow so the guinea pigs get all that. The one thing I have masses of still is parsley! It loves growing in the polytunnel.


Anonymous said...

at least with things slowing down you're getting a bit of a well deserved break...you've been so bust over the summer!!

What will you do with all your time once winter comes..lol

tpals said...

Ahhh winter! Maybe that's a side benefit of serious gardening; winter isn't something to dread but to look forward to having a rest. :)

Anonymous said...

lol... totally agree!!