Thursday, February 18, 2010

Comment moderation

I don't understand why spammers bother with small blogs like mine. There isn't the traffic to get them attention even if I was willing to approve their comments. My rules are simple: no links (because I'm not going to expose my readers to viruses), no languages I don't understand, the comments must be somehow relevant, and nothing anonymous.

Okay, that's my rant for the day.


allotments4you said...

hey...feel free to rant away some more...I have the same problem with my blog comments too. Sometimes I don't even understand what they have written....straight to delete I go!!!!!

mrsnesbitt said...

There are some sad people out there. Right now I think I have a stalker\!

Compostwoman said...

I have the same problem...every day I have 10 or more porn type cpmments on "Spikes day" or "My zero waste day" idea why and it is a minor annoyance to mod them away...but still...

Agree with you on this!

Green Lane Allotments said...

My problem was with the Chinese comments. I was at first quite excited to have a comment from China and so popped it into Google translator - then wished I hadn't. The problem is that the link from there identity took you to a porn site too even without then adding a link.

The others are those who just pop by and say something impersonal just so that they get to post their commercial site using the ident link.

I don't want to have to moderate comments as I know people like to see their comment straight away. As you say why do they even bother?