Friday, February 5, 2010

A Tribute

T'Pal (1999-2010)

Brave and beautiful, fiercely loyal and the absolute matriarch of all furred creatures in our home, T'Pal has left a void behind.

Yesterday she began showing stroke-like symptoms, problems controlling her right legs and difficulty balancing. I kept her inside where she seemed to do well in the morning, eating her food and able to stand. As the afternoon progressed her condition deteriorated and I knew it was serious. I will always be grateful for that last day we got to spend together, all attention on her and making certain she felt comfortable and loved. It was only right that someone who had spent her lifetime giving unconditional love should also receive it.

Today the vet diagnosed the probability of a brain tumour causing the seizures and other symptoms. She will be buried on his farm.

While I am relieved that she didn't suffer a painful ending, I miss her terribly. A cornerstone of my life is gone and the world has been lessened.


fullfreezer said...

Oh, how sad. Hugs to you.

Compostwoman said...

Oh how sad

My heartfelt sympathies to you, I really DO know how you feel at the loss of a beloved companion animal.....

Big hugs

Sarah hxx

Todd Hurley said...

Sad to hear of this.