Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good things in life

I've been looking for a local dairy farmer who would sell milk for quite awhile. There just aren't any close by. What I did find is a dairy farm that sells raw milk and is willing to deliver to my work place. This is the first batch of butter I made from the cream off the milk. Isn't the color amazing? Organic, grass-fed cows on a family farm. Beautiful.

This was an interesting thing; a couple months back I received an email at work about a healthy eating challenge the state was sponsoring to get people eating more fruits and veg. I signed up and they sent me seeds to grow cucumbers and lettuce (I can always use more seeds). I asked some of my gardening coworkers but they hadn't bothered reading the email. Then last week I was notified that my name had been drawn at random for 'assorted gardening tools' and this is what they sent. Hooray! Finally some good luck.


Thomas said...

jeffrey has butter envy. how does it taste?

tpals said...

Fabulous! No comparison to store butter.