Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's a wet, wet world

I'm not sure how much rain we've got but I do know it's over 3 inches in the last few days. And, again, it's raining. Today will have to be a day of cleaning and cooking; although there is laundry and lawn mowing needing to be done, I can only hope for a dry day tomorrow.

Yesterday was new student orientation at college. Yes, I took a day off work to spend it in meetings! My son spent the night in the dorm and will come home today after he finishes registering for classes. I hope he gets a nice roommate. It's going to be a challenge going from being an only child to sharing a space no larger than his current bedroom.

It's a good school (I get to say that because I went there!) with around 12,000 students. Because it's a public university it isn't as expensive as it could be. We're doing a three-prong budget, one third from interest-free student loans, one third I'm paying, and one third he pays with money he has earned.

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hoipe the weather soon dries up for you and I wish your son well at uni. I like the three prong budget thing you are doing...i think it's good to make them conscious about money as soon as possible!