Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mmmmm Milk!

This is definitely the real deal. I gave this one to my parents to try out. Mom is going to make yogurt. This should be an interesting experiment since I've never liked plain yogurt, but if the butter could be so much better than store-bought, why not the yogurt?

I was going to try making ice cream but have been too busy. I still haven't planted my bushes! I did finish digging in the garden and planting out the leeks. And the last hour I've been in the basement putting tomato plants into containers. If the fall frost sneaks in too quickly I'll be able to bring in about half of my tomato and pepper plants to finish off the season inside.

It's been crazy humid today so the basement hasn't felt very cool. Yet I am determined to go back down and ride my stationary bike. I haven't done official exercise in months.


fullfreezer said...

We've had a jalapeno pepper in a large pot for several years. We move it inside in the winter and back out in the spring. It is more like a tree at this point. I've never tried to bring tomatoes inside- I've just never had the room.
Ice cream sounds heavenly!
Judy said...

ohhh I'm'll have to let us know how your products taste once made!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hubby gave up milk in his tea some years ago so I rarely buy it - I always have powdered milk in which is just as good for tea and baking!