Monday, November 8, 2010


Last week I stopped back at the pharmacy to pick up the rest of the insulin. It was busy with a milling group of customers, some impatient and cutting ahead of the others. When I was going up to the counter I noticed an overweight cop waiting and my subconscience began jumping up and down trying to get my attention.

At the time I was amused by what I find attractive, but later realized two disturbing things. One: I haven't noticed men in a long time and thought I was content with being alone. Two: I already knew I have a weakness for large men (John Candy type) but that pull to a cop was a surprise; if anyone should have learnt that a relationship with a cop leads to my becoming an epic failure, it's me.

Other dreams have been very real and memorable lately, but also with a lot of random weird stuff that leads to me waking up thinking "huh? where did that come from?". Last night I dreamt my mother was a falling-down drunk in a theme park area. Why????

I've also been feeling anxious about the future. I suspect we will be seeing a drastic increase in the cost of food and gas soon.


Tanya Walton said...

I try not to dwell to much on dreams...who knows why the subconscious ever comes up with for 'noticing' the cop...make it means that you are finally mending can be content on your own but still go 'phwoar' at times and it's perfectly healthy!!

As for the cost of living...just take every day as it comes...worrying about it now isn't going to change anything just stress you out!!

tpals said...

'phwoar' - I like that. lol