Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tightening our belts

The car bit me on the budget again last week. It's annoying but not impossible to deal with. I will just go into strict mode on spending. No eating out or going to the store for a couple weeks. I've got food in the freezer for work lunches and we have a good supply of all basics (pet food, etc.) so there shouldn't be any problems.

It's times like these that I wish I had started the debt payoff sooner. Half my income goes to debt and mortgage payments. Imagine how much easier life would be with that available. Fourteen more months until it's all paid off.


fullfreezer said...

I hear you on how the car bit the budget. We had a flat tire on Friday night. It turns out that someone punctured one of our tires with a knife while Justine and I were in the grocery store. What kind of people do that?!! A new tire wasn't really in the budget but we'll have to make do. Good thing the hubby has an extra freelance job this month!
But 14 months to pay off!! That's fabulous. We were all paid off until we moved. Now it will be a while.

Tanya Walton said...

Well you're making a good start with all your debts and having a stock for emergencies is definitely the right way to go....don't worry, once those four months are up you will have become so super efficient at saving that you will be able to afford a treat for yourself!!

Ryan said...

Cars are a hard one. Clunkers destroy your budget and payments are not good either. I guess trying to buy a decent one in cash is the best way to go.

Soon you will be out of debt which is great! After that you will have so much more to deal with these sorts of things.