Sunday, November 21, 2010


Not here, of course. This isn't earthquake country and I haven't heard of any mysterious sightings of graboids in the area. My son and I watched a marathon of the Tremors movies. I really expected them to be crap so was pleasantly surprised by how much fun they were.

The promising sunny start to the day quickly turned cloudy and gloomy. A good day to curl up with a cat (or two) and watch tv.

I just watched a youtube of a well-known commentator discussing possible economic troubles and inflation. He sounded intelligent and made sense until...he had to bring up 'new world order'. Seriously? Conspiracy theories? People are so weird.


Tanya Walton said...

I love to watch the 'natural disaster' movies. Being in the uk we aren't exactly in 'tremors' country either but did have an earthquake a couple of years ago!!

Tim said...

A 'tremor' came close to me a couple of years back (Folkstone, UK) which caused a stir, but still waiting a big'n.. not :) The first 'T' movie was by far the best!