Saturday, July 30, 2011


As I recently made some bulk spice/herb purchases, I decided to repackage them in jars to store in a dark pantry and hopefully extend the shelf life. Out came the handy vacuum Foodsaver.

The jar sealer is placed over the lid (I have both regular and wide sealers) and the vacuum tube attached. A quick press of the 'Canister' button, some humming noises and flashing lights, then...

sealed jars! Powders are tricky as the sealer tries to suck the powder up and this needs to be avoided to save the Foodsaver from clogging. I used a bit of waxed paper to cover most of the powder before sealing.

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Tanya Walton said...

Handy....Do you know how much longer the shelf life will be or is it trial and error at this stage?