Sunday, August 7, 2011


A microbiologist friend once told me that if everybody just stayed home for a few days at the same time all these viruses that we pass on to one another would die off. I wish I knew who went out carrying the contagion that I picked up...I'd give them a few choice words!

My entire weekend has been spent in the toilet or in bed. It's been pure misery especially with the list of must-do-now projects that I had ready. How many did I do? Zero! The green beans are still waiting to be harvested and canned. The sweet corn needs to be processed. Everything needs watering, weeding or trimming.

My fever is down, but I still can't eat and am easily exhausted by walking from one room to another. There's a battle going on inside my body and I'm not sure which side is winning yet.

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Tanya Walton said...

I had never thought of it like that...i don't think though in theory that everything would die off if we all just stayed home for a few days...these contagions are tricky little blighters who have cunning survival techniques!