Sunday, January 29, 2012


I found a firewood source not too far away and my son picked up a load yesterday. I'm going to have him get one more load soon and that will pretty much fill up the space available in the garage. Knowing my tendency to obsess, I can only imagine how much I'll have ready for next winter!

I've got the quote for the stove installation, now I just need the W2 from work so I can get my tax return filed.

Today wasn't very productive as I started off with a nasty headache. By late afternoon I did get out and install an awning on the side of my chicken coop. I've been having trouble with snowmelt dripping off the roof of the coop onto the pop-hole ramp and icing up so I couldn't close it. The awning will divert any drips away plus give them a little extra shelter when it rains.

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Tanya Walton said...

Well done with the wood.

I hate headaches but I bet the bout of fresh air did wonders for it...I f I get a bad headache I always try to get outside and breathe some fresh air....doesn't necessarily get rid of it but it makes me feel better in myself!!