Friday, June 22, 2012

This, that and the other

Checking out my visitor stats I discovered the blog gets more visits from Russia then from the UK! And never once a comment from there.

The electric bill came today and we've hit a record low in usage!!!! 465 KWHs used of which 400 comes from (as in I pay extra for) wind turbines. I just wish I knew what I did to get it down that low because I can't think of any obvious lifestyle changes.

Tomorrow is the National Kidney Foundation walk. Work sponsors us to attend and I have a couple reasons why I like this one. First: it isn't crowded; kidneys don't get the fancy hype that breasts do so there aren't many participating. Second: my dad died from a rejected kidney transplant so this charity hits close to home.

A raccoon tried to break into the chick's shed at the farm last night. The metal siding was pulled away from the side and if there hadn't been a wood board inside it would have got through. Tonight my son is planning on staking it out with the shotgun. Forget the disney movies - raccoons are cunning and brutal.

While we were over at the farm tonight we spent some time trying to guess which of the chicks might be hens. Always fun. :)


fullfreezer said...

i've been getting lots of hits from Russia as well. Who knows- maybe they're practicing reading english...
And we had a huge drop in our electric usage as well compared to a year ago. We're thinking that it is mainly because we replaced a bunch of lights with LED bulbs.
I hear you on on the raccoons. Only people who haven't had trouble with them think of them as cute.

Tanya Walton said...

I don't think I get many views from you get lots of views from the States?? That's really where a lot of my traffic comes from.

Hope you manage to get that raccoon before it does any more damage...can you eat Raccoon??

Good luck trying to find those hens among the chicks!!