Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First blizzard of the winter

Sunday was our first blizzard of the winter. As blizzards go, this one was mild; about 10 inches of snow combined with strong winds caused road closures and advice not to travel, yet by Monday the winds had died down. I shoveled the driveway today and it wasn't bad with no wind and moderate temps.

So, it feels as if we're being eased into the winter season. Personally, I'd love to see a pattern of heavy snow followed by a melt down. We desperately need the moisture and as long as we can avoid ice it wouldn't be too hard to deal with.

There's something especially cozy about being home by the fire when you know you can't go anywhere but feeling safe anyway. If there had been an ice storm and the power lines were in danger I would have felt it necessary to try to clear some of the snow off the solar panels. As it was, I reread The Long Winter and marveled at what they survived. Imagine not being able to leave your home town for over five months, no school for an entire winter, heat only during the day, no lighting, no insulation and being on the edge of starvation. It really would feel like the weather was some malevolent force trying to destroy you.

Keep warm, dry and safe.

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Tanya@allotments4you said...

Our snow lasted all of 5 mins so far this year and then it had rained so heavily prior nothing stayed. I don't envy you the blizzard but at least the snow is bright not like the dreary skies we have at the minute...we are having to use artifice lighting even after midday!!