Thursday, January 31, 2013

I did some clean up on my blog roll in the side bar. Mainly, I felt the need to remove the survivalist blog because - wow! - that is some crazy stuff being posted. I haven't been reading there lately and when I dropped in on today's post, let's just say I started laughing when the author chose the arrival of the Beatles as the sign of America's downward spiral and continued on to blame the hippies. Seriously. I thought others would respond with mocking, but after the first fifty comments were all in agreement with the author, I knew it was time to leave.

It's been a week of getting necessary things done; not fun stuff and definitely not cheap but good items to strike off the to-do list. I sent off the paperwork to have my passport renewed. I'm not planning any trips, but I'd hate to need it and not have it available. Especially since we can't even visit Canada without out one now. Today I braved the arctic winds to get our vehicle license tags and pay the property tax on the house. While it was the last day for the tags, I could have waited on the tax for a few more months, but somehow it felt right to only have to make one trip to the court house for the entire year.

Speaking of the winds today - so cold that all the schools cancelled classes. Brrrr!!! I even ran the furnace for a while to warm up all the pipes.... And now, just having come inside after chores (chickens, hauling wood, etc.) my new viewpoint is YIKES!!! that is so cold my face is still warming up. I am not going back out there until tomorrow.


Compostwoman said...

I followed a couple of the links on your sidebar and thought some were a bit extreme? So not surprised you have left!

But what do I each their own I guess :-)

Is it still very cold? I know you said you had had some snow - all of ours is gone now and it was 5 Celcius outside today - cold but really sunny and bright.

tpals said...

One of the hens has been laying outside and her eggs freeze solid to the ground before I reach them. Today was warmer...thus the snow. :)

Tanya@allotments4you said...

Sounds like a busy and productive day. I always find a great sense of well being when i can tick a few things off my list!!