Monday, February 18, 2013

Thyroid kicks butt

Background: two months ago when the nurse was drawing blood to check for diabetes and cholesterol, I asked that they also check the thyroid levels. When the results came back and no mention was made of the thyroid, I assumed everything was fine. Life went on but I was feeling worse all the time to the point that I was struggling to function yet was told to get used to it. Then, vanity struck; I've been losing my hair. Everything online pointed to the thyroid and last week I called the doctor's office and asked what the results actually showed...they hadn't checked it! Back I went and the next day received the diagnosis of hypothyroidism and a prescription. After only two days on the meds I could feel a difference and was able to do things. I nearly cried with relief that I wouldn't have to live in misery.

Washing eggs: I love all the different shades and sizes. The chickens have always been a bright spot even when other things go wrong.

I cleaned and started up the aerogarden with lettuces. 

Last, but not least, not only did I have the energy to cook dinner, I also baked zucchini bread AND washed the dishes!


Judy T said...

Good for you for advocating for yourself! I've been on thyroid meds for almost 19 years. Give yourself about 2 weeks and you'll be unstoppable!

tpals said...

Thanks, Judy!

Tanya@allotments4you said...

Sounds like a great day. Glad you have got things sorted and that you will have plenty of energy to get everything done that you want to this year.