Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell 2013

I haven't posted much the last few months. In many ways it's been a frustrating year; trying to get a handle on health issues and not being overwhelmed by daily stuff has taken much of my energy. It's a bit of a relief that the year is over and I can hope for an easier one to come.

One good thing to happen today: the solar guy showed up with an electrician. Now, perhaps, there will finally be some progress made on getting the new system installed. It's been in limbo for forever!

Neither of us felt like going out tonight with the cold bearing down again. -7F (-21C) temp and a wind chill of -25F (-31C). Two more bitterly cold days then up into the 20s for Friday. Yay!

I hope everyone is safe tonight and that tomorrow brings in a bright, fine year.

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