Saturday, December 28, 2013


Mycroft has learned much from his dad and has been performing many roosterly duties well. He has a fine crow and finds the ladies very attractive. He does have a tendency to announce the discovery of food where there isn't any, but should learn.

Sorry about the chicken clumping in the pictures, but nobody likes walking on snow. Frodo (dad) is on the left. I love how Mycroft's beard covers his wattle.

Some sunshine to accent his mixture of colors.

Sadly, our warm spell is over and the chickens won't be outside at all for the next few days as the temperatures plummet again.

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mrsnesbitt said...

Our hens have a very big hut so they have a good scrat about before we let them out for a few hours. This cold weather sees them back in the shed just as it gets dark.
Happy New Year Dxx