Sunday, May 1, 2016

A new generation

It's that time of year again...chicks! I wanted to introduce some new bloodlines so bought some mail-order chicks. 8 buff cochins, 3 black cochins and 5 black langshans plus one mystery chick. I kept them inside for the first week then had to move them out to the old coop because my incubator eggs began hatching.

They're a bit shy and are taking full advantage of the extra room to hide. One arrived with a splayed out leg and I'm happy to report that after using the rubber band/straw method to fix it for a day, I can no longer tell which one it was. A full recovery.

These are the first incubator hatchlings. Twenty healthy, one with closed eyes (which I can't find a treatment for) and one with crooked toes. I've got the foot in a bandaid cast and am hopeful that takes care of the problem.

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