Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hello, October

Something is wrong with my right hand/wrist focused between the thumb and arm. I could pay the $30 copay and ask my doctor about it, but I already know he'd say not to use it until it feels better. I've discovered that I'm basically crippled when trying to only use my left hand, so this is a good time to train myself to use the left more often. Even little things like the computer mouse are tricky!

October is here with a wet and chilly entrance. Over 2 inches of rain and a possible freeze tonight combined to get me to start the furnace for the first time. I've covered the pepper plants to protect them from a light freeze which should be the worst we face.

I still need to plant the garlic for next year and dig the carrots (a little too muddy right now).

1 comment: said...

oh I wish we had mud!!!!! we have parched land and the earth is as hard as concrete!!!!!