Monday, October 19, 2009

Introducing the girls!

They aren't too interested in exploring outside yet, but seem to be settling into the barn okay. I didn't get a rooster because they'll be living in town when I move them here. (Not that it's much of a town, but I still must consider my neighbors.)

I love the colors and patterns of their feathers and, of course, those awesome chaps on their legs! My very own hens.
I knew today was the last nice day we were going to have in the near future so a quick text to my boss over the weekend got me a day off. I finished clearing off the small garden and hauling the debris to the compost heap. Some digging, generous application of compost, and I finally got my garlic planted (all taken from this year's harvest). Lastly, I sorted the carrots. This was a bit sad because it simply was an awful year for them. The only good news: there are plenty of tiny carrots and greens for the guinea pigs. I still had to sort through and remove all the black walnut leaves and stems which the pigs can't eat.
Recently I was accused of being unsophisticated. Now picture me wearing my Robot Army tshirt and a ratty old gardening jacket, liberally splattered with mud and hands black with muck as I sorted the carrots. Not exactly cocktail party standards. Still, I'd be bored stiff at a cocktail party and I quite enjoy what I do, so it must have all worked out right.


Thomas said...

To anyone who says you're unsophisticated, just tell them you're so fabulously wealthy you can afford to look poor, like the Lady Sybil Ramkin, Duchess of Ankh.

tpals said...

Who wouldn't love a shed full of dragons??

Thomas said...

Well chickens are related to dinosaurs, whose bones were thought to belong to dragons back in the old days, so in a sense you're half way there. :) said...

god...who'd want to go to a cocktail party??? I'm horrified if someone invites me out for a drink...much happier in my slobby bottoms , knee high in mud...taking in the fresh air..THAT is the life!!!