Thursday, October 8, 2009


This looks funny but I've got too many half-grown peppers to give up to the cold so I dug them up and resettled them in the basement.

There's something so pretty about onions. Mine didn't get very big this year, but I don't use a lot when cooking anyway so these suit us fine.

I finally lost another pound bringing my grand total up to eight. It does make it a bit easier knowing that not going on a food binge has rewards. I even got up and exercised this morning. My hand/wrist stopped hurting days ago so that was just a short-term problem.

I'm taking my son in for a flu shot today. I won't bother for myself, but I'd rather play it safe and avoid any complications from illness with his diabetes.

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Anonymous said...

your peppers are looking great..and it's a good show of onions...I always pull mine at about this size..I don't like them too big.