Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buy Nothing Day?

I have mixed feelings about setting aside one day as a token 'buy nothing' day. In my journey to be more frugal and green, it is natural to buy much less than I used to and there are many days when I don't need anything.

The timing of this observance seems futile. So many of the Americans this should be aimed at are in such a peak shopping mindset on Black Friday that this campaign won't even be worth a passing thought. I know people who will be getting up a couple hours from now to drive to the early sales.

I won't be buying, but not because it's a special day, just because.


fullfreezer said...

Hi, I found you while wandering. Here we have an outlet mall that decided to open at midnight to give people a few more hours to shop. ACK!
Me, I'm holing up with the family. Maybe I'll try to learn to knit again.
Have a peaceful day.

Anonymous said...

I go many days throughout the year where I buy nothing...I have never hear of this day but I am a great believer in only buying what you need!!!!