Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been struggling with the decision of which credit card bill gets the snowball thrown at it next. While I would love to tackle the smallest one and have it finished by April, the part of me in charge of worrying has other plans. In May I will lose 20% of my monthly income. That's not as scary as it would have been a year ago before I started paying off my debt since I now send about 50% of the income on debt payments. So, my snowball will shrink but I'll still be okay. What worries me is that my largest balance is with Chase cc and they raised the minimum payments to 5%. If I was ever late I'd lose the not-so-bad interest rate of 4.9% and find myself with a crippling rate of 29.9%. I feel like the safest option is to pay down Chase as much as possible, that way if I had an emergency that took more than I have in savings, it wouldn't be such a struggle to keep up with the minimums. It's going to feel like a long journey to get them paid off though (estimated October).

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hey chin up...whichever way you decide to do it you are moving forward and with a plan.....October isn't so far away when you think how quick the last year has gone. I can't make the decisions for you but I think whatever decision you make will be the right one for you!!