Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well of deep thoughts

I haven't had much to say lately; I've been thinking. Sadly, I don't have any stunning revelations to offer up that could improve the world; my thoughts tend to focus on my own little life. As my son stretches himself into the exciting adventure of legally being an adult, I wonder if I will be happy completely alone. Not that I want more kids! Getting him to adulthood as a fairly stable and happy person is enough of an accomplishment for me.

It's just that it's been over twenty years since I lived alone. The concept is unnerving.

Other news: the pictures in my previous post are, unfortunately, still accurate. Zero, as in absolutely none, places in my yard where the snow is gone. In fact, most of it is still knee high! Which I discovered today on dragging the barrel of guinea pig poo out to the garden compost pile. Lots of grumbling about why I put it so far from the house took place.

I started my tomato and pepper seedlings amid much mockery at work for it being too early. Hah! They don't have a polytunnel to plant out in. I also picked up some boards to make a cold-frame.

That's pretty much where I'm at now. Happy blogging!

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