Monday, March 8, 2010


While I've been enjoying reading Hausfrau's blog on Peak Oil, I was thrown when she called for people to give up their hopes for 'Starship Enterprises'. Give up the dream for a future with the promise of other planets and peoples to know? Never!

I grew up believing that humans could grow past their petty prejudices and xenophobia's; making a positive impact on the universe. While Star Trek certainly was the strongest influence, there were others; notably, Andre Norton's The Stars Are Ours.

Peak Oil may slow us down, but I hope we never give up the dream.


allotments4you said...

I have no idea what 'Peak Oil' is...but still I wanted to let you know I had been by :-)

Thomas Greenwalt said...

Heh, by the time we reach the point of Peak Oil we will be long past the Singularity and the planet will be swarming with super-intelligent machines and human/machine blends. Oil will a quaint technology from the past like the coal powered steam engine.