Sunday, June 27, 2010

Argh! My poor potatoes!

It's definitely a blight of some kind that has struck down almost half my potato plants. I suppose it could be a herbicide drifting with the wind but not likely since it has spread from plant to plant. It's frustrating because they were growing so well and what I'll be using as a very few earlies would have made a lovely harvest this fall.

It makes it tempting to put up a large polytunnel to protect everything!

Speaking of polytunnels, the tomatoes inside mine are doing very well and one has started fruiting already. I use the old-fashioned method of pollinating (putting my hands in and giving it a brisk shake) every other day. Fortunately, I like the smell of the plants.

Everything else has weathered yesterday's fierce thunderstorm well (including the weeds!).


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh no! I am just getting sorted with me plot so hopefully I will get some spuds sorted next time it is good to sow! said...

I'm sorry your potatoes aren't so good...I dug up some of mine toady and had them for dinner so I know how bad you must be feeling.

I don't pollinate my tomatoes...just leave them to do there own thing and they are always good...what sort of tomatoes are you growing??

tpals said...

A variety, some hybrid, some heritage. The reason I pollinate by hand is because they're all in the polytunnel and are out of the wind and away from any bees/insect pollinators.