Thursday, April 11, 2013


We thought the snow was gone...we were wrong.

There is a flock of disgruntled sparrows and starlings in the trees since I locked them out of the chicken coop. My hens won't go outside in this anyway so the freeloaders are barred from entering.

The snow and ice are a bit disheartening after it was looking like spring, but we were very lucky. Just 45 miles to the south, the storm put down a heavy layer of ice causing power lines, poles and trees to come crashing down. Over 44,000 customers were without power at one time and the electric companies are still scrambling to get them all running again. One friend described their situation without heat or cooking as 'the only thing we can still do is flush the toilet.

I hope that this experience motivates more people to prepare for emergencies. I'm afraid most will just clean up and consider it a one-off situation. Speaking of preparing: I've ordered 3 cords of firewood for next winter and my parents are getting 1 also. Even though it will still need to be split, my son is thrilled that it's being delivered and he won't have to load, haul and unload all of it.

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Tanya@allotments4you said...

Sorry to hear that winter came back to you. Fingers crossed this is the last you see of it now. Wishing a little of my spring warmth your way. xx