Friday, April 5, 2013

Non-GMO shopping

I stopped at the grocery store today to pick up an assortment of organic, non-GMO items. We didn't need anything; this is basically a taste test to see what we like.

We tried Annie's brand macaroni and cheese for lunch. Not bad; perhaps most impressive was that my son thought it was okay! The most noticeable difference to me was the lack of bright orange food coloring used by Kraft.

I used The Non-GMO Project site to source verified brands:

I'm not certain about the Full Circle brand. I thought I saw it on the list but was wrong. I have sent them an email asking about GMO in their products.

So, the adventure begins...

1 comment:

Compostwoman said...

Well done for finding Mac and cheese which son would eat :-)

I am deeply suscoicious of any GMO food and we fought off a GM crop trial by us in 2000.

Hope the hunt for alternatives continues to be successful