Sunday, August 18, 2013


Ugh. Well, it's been interesting.

First: the tooth. I have avoidance issues with dentists. Which is why, even though I got dental insurance last year after I paid off everything, I hadn't actually gone to a dentist. I average about one visit every decade. This time I learned that an old 'silver' filling had degraded and fractured the tooth causing the break. I've now got a temporary crown and my bank account is $700 lighter (after insurance!).

After that fun I came down with the worst summer cold I've ever had which kept me in all week. I'm down to a irritating cough now. My son must have the immune system of a rock because he doesn't seem to catch anything.

The marigolds are beautiful. I try to always have them mixed in with the veggies because they make me happy. :) The cabbages look good but the heads feel loose, not tight and solid. I'm not sure what causes that.

I planted a row of cosmos  seeds and ended up with one plant. It would have looked amazing if they all had grown, but even one is nice.

The cucumbers loved the rains we've gotten recently. Oddly, although my parents' farm is only four miles away, on both of the last rains they received 1.5" less than us.

This is my first time growing eating pumpkins. They look impressive so far.

The zucchini/tomato jungle is going strong. The grasshoppers don't seem to bother them.

I moved Astrid and Ninja into the isolation ward last night. Neither seem as happy as Sherlock to be away from the flock even though they were being bullied.

This morning I split wood for an hour and a half. It's heating up now and I'm feeling under strength so will probably slow down for the rest of the day.


mrsnesbitt said...

Home grown cucumbers - my favourite!

Sue Garrett said...

Our plot is only a couple of miles from the house but we often have rain in one place and not the other.