Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Busy with all sorts

Yesterday we received 5" of heavy, wet snow. So, of course, that's the day picked to deliver three cords of firewood. Everything was unloaded and stacked in the appropriate place, they could have charged for helping us stack, but I think the fact that we were working just as hard with them caused them to waive the fee.

In the evening we tromped through the snow and up the hill to the elderly neighbors house. They had called asking for help with their email. Although I could figure out that the internet wasn't working, I wasn't able to fix the problem, even with the help-line. At least I was able to arrange for a service visit. Today they called again with an update: the internet provider had turned it off! No explanations on why or how come the help-line couldn't tell. Very strange.

Good news: when I opened up the chicken coop this morning there weren't any tracks around it or in the pen so nothing has been trying to get in. Grace emerged to see what I brought them, but nobody was too thrilled about the snow.

This is the first month my son's new insurance took effect since he got his job. Today I went in to pick up one of his insulin prescriptions and discovered that where my insurance would have covered all but $85, this company was going to cost us $300! And this wasn't even the most expensive insulin! Fortunately, he has double coverage this month so I was able to switch it back to the original one and quickly arranged with my work not to take him off my policy.

We did make another investment today. Something I've wanted for quite awhile is a fire-resistant gun safe. A local business has just started carrying them and we got ours today. Not only do I like being able to lock up the guns, but storing the ammunition where fire wouldn't be as dire a problem makes me feel better. Getting it from the back of the pickup into the house and then standing it up was an adventure with just the two of us, but we did it.

I also learned that my wind turbine has finally been ordered. Things are really starting to mesh now.

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Tanya Walton said...

Wow..snow already, hope it isn't too disruptive for you!! Glad everything is all coming together for you now and glad you managed to get your sons insurance sorted before he had to pay huge bills.

As for the snow....I really hope we get some this badly want Trojan to see it and be able to pley in it...I think he will love it!!