Thursday, December 26, 2013

The cold!

There is something about doing chores in -30F wind chills that tells me I must really love those chickens. :)

This has felt like the worst winter for cold that I remember. Of course, with my memory that isn't saying much. A fresh dusting of snow and a touch warmer makes it easier on all of us. My son's friends came over for a day of turkey on Tuesday which was great fun for all. Especially the cats as they took full advantage of the extra loving. I finally baked one of the apple crisps I made and froze early this fall. Delicious! Because of the time and energy sink that prepping all those apples turned out to be, I've now ordered an apple peeler/corer/slicer. If I had had one of these then I would have made much more than I did.

The chickens are doing great. We're getting between 8 to 12 eggs daily and they all look very healthy. Mycroft has grown into a handsome rooster with unusual coloring. I'll try to take a picture if he goes outside one sunny day.

Something interesting happened recently. While I was getting my hair done, my stylist was explaining why she is getting a divorce. So much of her husband's behavior reminded me of my last relationship that it nearly felt like I was having flashbacks, including the questions 'is it me?' and 'am I going mad?'. Ironically, I had been considering sending him a happy holidays wish. No chance of falling down that particular rabbit hole now. Oddly, I feel a sense of closure now knowing someone else has dealt with the same issues (and it is NOT our fault that the treatment we experienced effectively killed the love we felt for these men).

Changing the subject, recently I called my doctor's office and requested a three month supply of my prescriptions for emergencies. It was refused and the reasons given made it obvious that the why wasn't understood at all, so I wrote a letter explaining. Two days later they called back and said I could have the prescriptions. Yay for the clarity of the written word!

I hope everyone has had a safe, warm and happy holiday and stays that way for the rest of the winter.

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