Monday, September 15, 2014

Potatoes and Pickles, oh my

Dill pickles are my favorite food to can. So simple, yet rewarding. These were made with a mix of cucumbers from my garden, my parents' garden, and my neighbor's. I'll tuck them away to soak up that delightful dill flavor.

This year I made a change from the usual Yukon Gold potato I normally grow and tried two purple varieties. Purple Viking on the left and Purple Majesty on the right. The Viking is the only one I've dug up so far (just one under the plant!) while the Majesty are prolific, although producing many more small spuds than I prefer.

Funny how the Viking has such a gorgeous skin color while the Majesty hides all its splendor on the inside.

Purple potatoes are supposed to be high in antioxidants, although I can't confirm if the white-fleshed Viking has similar properties.

At least this promises to be a decent harvest.


Leigh said...

Your potatoes look great. Mine only did fair to middlin' this year. Interesting about the varieties. I've never tried any of the purples. How do they taste?

tpals said...

They taste exactly like....potatoes! :)