Monday, September 29, 2014

Annoying business practices

It's still September. The weather is gorgeous. We haven't even had our first frost yet.

So what do the stores do? Get rid of all gardening items and start filling the shelves with Christmas stuff!

About a week ago I picked up a flower pot as I start repotting plants that have been outside all summer so I can start moving them indoors. Knowing that I had found the correct size, I returned to get more pots....ha! Fat chance. Not only were the shelves empty, the pots had all been shipped back. No transition time between seasons. No reduced prices before the change (which would have given customers a hint as to what was coming). Instead of offering even a small selection the entire section was destined to house holiday junk. Why 'junk'? Because it's the same in every store. Do people really need to buy more cheaply made decorations every year? Of course not! Does anyone seriously want to start decorating three months early? Not if they have any sense. I think it would be brilliant if we all chose not to buy anything from the holiday section. Let all that useless stuff sit there, gathering dust and eating into their profits.

Naturally, I also sent the store an email stating just what I thought of their management choices. :)

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