Friday, October 3, 2014

Here it comes

Today was the first time this season I had the stove going all day. Snowflakes! Tonight will be the first freeze and I'm sad knowing all the beautiful impatiens will be dead in the morning. I did bring in lots of flower pots and picked all the peppers. I just don't like autumn; it heralds the beginning of winter.

At least the cats appreciate having the fire burning again.


mrsnesbitt said...

Yes - Rayburn is lit now...think Autumn is finally here!

Tanya Walton said...

Hi tpals....I have just been catching up after being away from the computer forever. Glad you won the battle with the chickens.

I was amazes you managed to google the bands for the racing pigeon and glad he got reunited!!

Your tomato ketchup looked wonderful...I would love the recipe.

Good luck with finally getting your solar power up and running.

Oh and sorry the cold has arrived for you, the weather in the U has took a serious turn for the worse this week to....I am definitely not ready for winter!! :-(

Mama Pea said...

Wow, you really are ahead of us . . . in cold weather that is! We had our very first frost last night, but it was very light and not a "killing frost" at all. We've been making a fire in the main stove in the kitchen but do let it die out during the day. We have yet to see snowflakes at our place but a friend in back of us up over a high ridge had a covering one day last week. Yes, m'dear, winter is coming . . . but think of the cozy part of it. Snuggling under quilts, coming in from outside to a mug of hot chocolate (or maybe even something decadent like a Hot Toddy!), more time for such things as reading, handwork and maybe watching a movie or two. Life is gonna be good this winter!

Compostwoman said...

No frost here yet but yes have lit the woodburner the last few evenings as it is chilly without it.