Friday, January 2, 2015


Today I took advantage of relatively mild weather (almost made it up to freezing!) to muck out the chicken coop. It couldn't be a proper clean because the bottom layer and around the walls was frozen, but I hauled away 7 wheelbarrow loads to the compost pile. Wow, I am feeling the effects tonight from all the unusual activity!

It was really fun though to spend most of the day chatting with the flock because they were all right in there helping. Imagine their delight to find a layer of dry dust underneath! Suddenly the coop looked like a decadent bathhouse with everyone taking advantage of the opportunity to fluff and scummage around on their sides. I think they are a bit tired of the snow already, poor dears.

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Leigh said...

What a treat for your chickens! LOL They are such good helpers when it comes to things like that. And they make the best contributions to the compost pile. :)