Friday, January 23, 2015


This makes me glad I'm not a business owner...

I was searching for greenhouse information and stumbled across the state's list of tax delinquent businesses. The interest charged is enormous! Imagine not paying $11,000 in taxes then to get the bill for $68,000. The highest listed was $93,000 in taxes resulting in a bill of $353,000. I won't even go into how many years of gross salary that would be for me.

I did my visit to the county courthouse today and paid the property taxes for 2015 and picked up the vehicle tags. I like getting the taxes over with early in the year and I had to get the tags in January anyway. That's it for annual fees until April when home owner's insurance is due.

Other news: I'm still arguing with the insurance company over the value of my car. I was told if not happy I could get statements from three dealerships for how much they would have sold it pre-accident. So I did that this week also. The first one I talked to was CarsForLes (that's how it's spelled) in Madison SD. I'm being specific because you do NOT want to go there. They were incredibly rude, mocked my car, and refused to help. I then went to Lake Herman Auto and Prostrollo's and both were friendly and had no issue with giving me a written statement. Luckily I've kept in contact with my car salesman from ten years ago and he gave me the third statement needed.

Honestly, the insurance company has not been easy to work with. They required a copy of my car title to prove I'm actually the owner. This was after numerous phone conversations where it was freaking obvious I own it and love it. Sheesh!

Thank goodness it's the weekend. :)

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