Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More on getting healthy

Today I put the scale away. I tend to get obsessive about the numbers and that's really only one part of this. From now on I will weigh myself once on the weekends.

I finally figured out what motivated me to make some changes in my lifestyle; over the last few years I've lost 75 pounds. It was a very slow process but one of the defining factors was that I didn't regain during the times I wasn't losing...until the last couple months of 2016 when I put 5 pounds back on. The thought of going backwards and becoming even less healthy was enough to flip that mental switch and get busy.

I'm not following any special diet plan or program. I just track how much food I eat using a kitchen scale and keep it within a sensible calorie deficit while still getting the nutrients I need. Myfitnesspal.com is a convenient free site that makes the logging about as easy as possible. I'm not purposefully giving up sweets and junk food; they just don't fit into my calorie/nutrient budget well.

Because I'm aiming for all-around health, exercise is part of my day. Every morning I get up and ride my stationary bike; I'm up to 60 minutes now (that's enough time so I'm working on increasing my speed). Twice a week I do some strength training with dumbbells. That's the part I have to work on, because I don't enjoy it, but being strong enough to move chicken feed without a struggle is important, so I will keep on.

Never give up! Never surrender! :)

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