Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Progress and Springtime

It must be springtime; we had a mini-ice storm yesterday. Don't worry though, the chickens are fine. :)

On the fitness front: I am edging ever closer to the major 100 lbs lost mark. I weigh all my food, but because I enjoy numbers it isn't a hardship. Sometimes I get a chuckle at how small a portion size really is...like my 30 grams of cereal this morning.

Today I reached another type of goal; for the first time in my life, I ran an entire mile. I'm still amazed that it really happened. It doesn't seem that long since I could only run for two minutes and the aftermath of burning lungs and coughing almost made me give up on the whole idea.

Nothing planted yet. Weather continues changeable.


Leigh said...

Wow, those are fantastic milestones, congratulations! Love your Doctor quote, I remember that episode, LOL. Glad to hear your chickens are okay. :)

tpals said...

Thanks, Leigh! It's been interesting. Lol