Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ethical Prepping

I read a forum discussion of a hypothetical situation: information leaked to the public about a global situation that would happen in one week...what would the readers do with that time.

The responses varied on how fast panic would hit the general public and if martial law would be declared, but the majority stated they would buy as much food, fuel and ammo that they could. Granted, this is understandable for those with a tight budget who haven't been able to prepare as much as they want. What bothered me were all these survivalist types with months or years of food ready who would still dash to the stores and buy more, knowing that the stores wouldn't be resupplied.

A major part of my prepping philosophy is that by being able to take care of ourselves, we don't add to the problem and aren't a burden on society. The flip side of this is if, in a time of emergency, we took supplies we don't need then we become hoarders and deny those supplies to people who do desperately need them.

Food for thought.

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Tanya. said...

I think the problem in this day and age is people have become so wasteful as everything is laid out neatly for them on supermarket shelves they don't have any understanding of survival. Most things people would buy in mass they wouldn't even be able to eat before it spoiled so whilst denying others they wouldn't even be helping themselves in the long run.

People of the world seriously need re-educating.