Sunday, March 30, 2014

The cleaning

Saturday was the first properly warm day on a weekend! So, to celebrate we cleaned out the chicken coop.
Penny posing in front of the pile.

And Ninja on top.
The chickens weren't too pleased with the disruption and my sinuses got well cleared out too. Finishing a large job like this was what led to our going out for Chinese dinner and the regrettable movie.

Today was also very nice so we went to the farm where my son worked on his forge while I pruned the apple trees. Then my parents showed up as it was move in day...back to the summer quarters. Mom was thrilled to be back home again and it feels right to have them close by again.

Now we have to keep an eye on the weather as another snow system heads our way. With luck it will go north and pass us by.


Tanya. said...

Nicw to see the chickens enjoying the sun. Fingers crossed you won't get more snow!!

I hope your chinese was better than the movie...though I doubt that would be too

Leigh said...

What a lovely reward for a hard job well done. I have to say your chickens pose like models! Hard to believe you're still under thread of snow. We're under threat of scorching summer heat!