Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby chicks!

Such a day! While the north wind howls outside, it's toasty warm and hopping with life inside. I've got eight chicks in the brooder and four more fluffing in the incubator still. From the looks of things, the eggs aren't finished hatching either.

It's surprisingly difficult to get good pictures. As soon as I focus on one, three others charge the camera. They haven't quite got the concept of photo-bombing. Their personalities don't photograph easily either. Like the one who is fascinated by toes.

Precocious here loves attention.

Bouffant because of the gorgeous style.

Sam Vines, how can you look so world-weary at less than 1 day old?

I love watching the subtle colors emerge as their down dries. One of the advantages of having mixed breeds is that each chick looks unique.

Sadly, none of my hens are broody, so these won't have the pleasure of being raised in the coop. On the plus side, we will get to know them much better.

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