Sunday, April 19, 2015

uh oh

During the long time (about 2 years) that I was trying to get rid of the big aquarium, we took apart the library table to park the aquarium in that space. The table top was stored in the basement and the legs stayed in the library. Now that I told the person who never picked up the aquarium that they were out of time and the new owner got it I want to reassemble the where did I put the bolts???

There was a case of a rabid feral cat about 20 miles away so I wanted to make sure ours were up to date on their shots. Wow, Trigger is not a fan of car rides; he howled all the way to the vet.

I was going to pick up some straw bales I found on craigslist but all the strings had rotted through and it was just too much hassle to try to haul loose, old straw. Instead I got some more compost from the farm for the little garden. Now to get the neighbor over with his tiller and I can start planting!


Tanya. said...

I do hope you found those bolts.

Poor old Trigger....Alfie doesn't like car rides either...maybe they know they are only on the way to the vets!!

Will your neighbour till the soil or do you do it yourself??

tpals said...

He has a pull-behind tiller for his lawn tractor. This way he can pretend he farms even though they don't even put in a garden!

And yes! I found the bolts in the kitchen.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you must be mending pretty well. I had to laugh about the table bolts. You sound like me! Except it takes me a whole lot less than 2 years to forget where I put something. :)