Friday, November 18, 2016

Hello, Winter

Yesterday I dug up the gladiolas; the wind was chilly, but everything was still green.

Now they are hanging out in the basement with the plants I brought in before the first frost.

And today we have:

The footprints are from my venturing onto the deck to measure the snow depth on the table...11"!

The chickens haven't gone outside at all today. I can't really blame them; I had to change into dry pants every time I did.

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Tanya. said...

That's a good snowfall tpals, we haven't had snow and are unlikely to get any though I would love snow this year to see Polly's reaction to it. I always remember the first time Trojan saw snow...he was terrified that the stuff falling from the sky was going to hurt him but after gently coaxing him out to play it was a struggle to get him back into the house to dry off!!