Thursday, November 2, 2017


The first hint that there was something wrong was when I found Thunder (gray hen) outside the coop after dark. Upon opening the door I discovered the opossum prowling around. This was obviously what ate the chicks and has been cutting into the egg supply lately. We've had this problem before and eventually they start killing chickens.

I am not a brave person and have never shot at a live target before, so I called my dad and begged for help. Lucky for me he was willing and the predator is gone. Sighs of relief all around the flock.


Leigh said...

Good shot! I would have been the same as you and called for Dan! We've lost a number of chickens to possums, and yes, they have to be dealt with. It's a relief once the deed is done, though, isn't it?

tpals said...

Definitely a relief. I check for troublesome tracks in the snow but only see mice now.