Sunday, March 11, 2018

Calling my muse

This is what I do when I'm letting a story process in the back of my mind.

It keeps my hands and eyes busy while leaving my thoughts free to work out dialogue or plot.

This one was a 2000 piece puzzle so it gave me many hours. The next one is a 5000(!!!!) piece that my sister gave me for my birthday. It will be tricky because it's so large and won't fit on the table completely. I'll have to sort it out in sections. Already looking forward to it. :)


Freebirde said...

What size puzzle does the box says it will be? You may have to get a piece of plywood to sit on top of your table.

tpals said...

60 x 40. About a foot too long. :)

Rain said...

What a great way to do some thinking! My method is a walk in the woods usually. I tried doing puzzles, but the cats are way too curious!

Leigh said...

I used to love to do jigsaw puzzles but Dan is an old fuddy-duddy, LOL. Still, it's a better pastime than watching stupid movies on DVD! (Maybe that's how I should approach him on it)