Sunday, October 28, 2018

Random Stuff

I was sick on Wednesday and the lingering effects mean I have little appetite and feel queazy after eating. I wish I could keep the low appetite for weight loss. :)

Strange thing happened Friday: after work in the evening, my foot started to hurt. On the top towards the outer edge it became swollen and the pain became worse as the evening progressed. At 3 a.m. I got up to take half a pain pill (left over from back pain years ago) being unable to sleep. I had to wear snowboots to do morning chores because shoes were torture. After a day of ice packs and elevation, the pain went away and now my foot is back to normal. Weird.

I just read a feature on the BBC website about the Crazy Horse Memorial here in South Dakota. While Mount Rushmore is worth a visit, unless you want to see the museum, don't bother with Crazy Horse. There has been no noticable progress in the last 20 to 30 years on the monument and it can clearly be seen from the road. The general belief by those of us who live here is that the family have no intention of ever completing it. Originally estimated to take 30 years, it's been over double that.

I am finally digging up my gladiola bulbs for the winter. There are a few other things I could do, but mostly I'm ready.


Mama Pea said...

I dug my gladioli bulbs last Thursday. The tops were still quite green, but it was time. The corms looked good, but really full of dirt. Too much rain here lately.

Thinking of your foot owie . . . I wonder if it could have been a spider (or other insect) bite? Do you usually swell up when bitten? Can't think of what else would have caused those symptoms.

Susan said...

That IS weird about your foot! I'm with Mama Pea - maybe an insect bite? I know that you can get a lot of swelling if you are sensitive. I saw the Crazy Horse monument eons ago - it was interesting then and too bad it hasn't progressed. I don't have gladiolas, but I do have dahlias. My tubers were in a huge clump this year and took ages to dig out. I have lots still to do and no idea if they'll get done. The only thing I can say is that, once my garden is covered in snow, it will all look lovely and interesting. Ha!

Rain said...

Yeah...the foot thing is weird...I'm glad it's healed. I'm chiming in that maybe it was an insect bite too!