Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Beating the Brrrrrr

We've had a mild winter up til now. There's snow on the ground but not deep and the temps haven't spent much time in the single digits. That changed this week as a cold system moved in and settled to stay. Actual temps have been well below zero and wind chills much worse. 

Normally, I'd wear these to do chores. Insulated and comfortable, I could do whatever was needed.

Then came this week and my fingers started hurting before I had even finished feeding the chickens. Time to pull out the big guns. A bit awkward to work in, I have to take them off to pick up an egg, but I don't feel the cold at all! I ordered them years ago from a Minnesota company which I just googled to see if they are still in business. So, here's a shout-out to Century Leather Products for a great mitten.

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Leigh said...

I have a terrible time finding winter appropriate clothing here in the south. I guess the assumption is "it doesn't get that cold down there," so most winter wear was what I'd have considered autumn wear in the midwest. I should check out that company! My hands and feet are always cold in winter, and that makes it no fun.